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When booking rooms before of after your tour

This just happened. I sent an email to a hotel in Amsterdam to book an extra day after the tour. After a few hours came a replay. Sure you can book the room. Just send us your card info. I actually had already done that earlier and set up the extra day. I was alerted because the return email was from a different hotel then was on the itinerary. You have to be so careful.

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Was the other hotel connected in any way to the one you wanted? Seems ominous.

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For my upcoming trip, I called the Venice hotel we are staying in and reserved my room for pre and post tour. I used to send my card details to hotels in two emails. I would say in the first one that I was going to divide the numbers between the two messages.
That worked but this time I thought a phone call would give me quicker confirmation rather than waiting for an email reply.

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Another reason I prefer to use my travel agent for these things.

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Sorry for the delay. The other hotel was in the same town. But the correct hotel said the email was not from them.