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"VaultPro" bag was not slash-proof

When I was pushed off-balance and simultaneously and silently had my "Vault-Pro" bag slashed in Quito, I was 1) so glad and relieved that my important docs and my cards were safely under my clothes (Thanks Rick!) and 2) upset because I'd ordered the bag (from Magellan's) especially because it was advertised as "slash-proof"! Well, the fabric of the bag and the strap may have been slash-proof, but the thief/thieves apparently knew that the stitching in the side seam was not, and that's what they took their knife to. It all happened so fast and so skillfuly that I didn't realized I'd been ripped off until I exited the trolley. I just want people to know that this brand of bag is not slash-proof.

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My goodness, Grace! It's a good thing you weren't hurt in the process of having your bag slashed...

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Send the mfg a photo or two of the bag showing the inaccuracy of their claim. Perhaps at least a refund for the bag.

Give them an example of an improvement they need to make so the bag lives up to their advertising.

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I'll be in Quito later this year. Thanks for the heads up, and so very glad you weren't hurt!!!

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My word, Grace! Glad you are OK and had your money belt on!

I agree with contacting both the company and Magellan’s with pictures of the slash if you kept the bag.