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Toll Booth Highway Scam Barcelona

Last week I was pulled over just after paying a highway toll, by a man in a small grey car with a flashing blue light, seen on police and emergency vehicles in Spain. I assumed my credit card failed to pay the 8euros so pulled onto the shoulder.
A very friendly man suggested I exit the car and check my tire which I found odd as I was sure he was a Toll Security Agent. Well in the few seconds I’m looking at my tire another person that was hiding in his car quickly grabbed two bags from my car! I lost my passport, two credit cards, and a few Euros
So frustrating as Scammers are getting more creative and convincing as they assault tourists.
That blue flashing light was the only reason I pulled over….. you can buy it on Amazon for 9$

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This is a variation on the old icepick-in-the-tire scam.

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unfortunately not the first report of this

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It seems most of these scam stories are coming from Spain.