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St Petersburg and Nevsky Prospekt bump and pickpocket

It's a busy busy street, and I was actually the "attempted victim" of a pickpocket. Can't believe it :-) but after all these years (and 2nd time in St Petersburg) the pickpockets finally attempted it. Of course they got nothing because I don't carry valuables in my pants pocket.

It was a version of the "stop at the top of the escalator so that everybody falls all over everybody else and the thieves get you". This time we were just walking on crowded Nevsky Prospekt and got wedged up next to one of the plexiglass walls of one of the many bus stops along the road. The man and woman in front of me stopped and turned around acting as if they were lost. They pushed me up against the wall as they abruptly stopped and turned around. I felt a hand go into my pocket and the woman also grabbed my wife's purse. My wife saw the scam happening and jumped in front so that their attempt was futile.

Funny how some people work so hard at taking other people's property instead of just getting a job. Bums!

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Whoa - glad y'all were on your toes and realized what was happening - and even more glad you knew better than to have valuables in your pockets! Waving at K-town... I'm originally from Oak Ridge.

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It sounds like they use the same techniques there as in Italy and other places in Europe. The sudden stop on the escalators is a common one.

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I have seen the Escalator Stop trick used at the Gallery Shopping Mall, mid-day, here in the center of Philadelphia.