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Security Breach at SeaTac Airport

I was a victim of a stolen 50 pound suitcase from Carousel One at SeaTac Airport on Dec. 3, 2015, 5:30 PM . The SeaTac police actually have pictures of the person who stole my suitcase that contained most of my winter clothing. I had just returned from a 10 month road trip throughout Europe. I have appealed to the airport concerning this grievous matter to no avail thus far. BTW International travelers' luggage is routed to Carousel One. In addition my travel insurance (Travel Insurance and Services) informed me that they only cover lost not "stolen" luggage. I have traveled extensively and other airports only allow travelers in the luggage area whereas anyone is allowed in SeaTac's luggage area. Thus challenge is to get through customs and race to end of airport's carousel one in time to pick up luggage. So international travelers be aware.

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Sorry it happened, but this is just one more reason to carry on. But, 50 pounds, you can't carry that on. This is just one more reason to pack light, so you can carry on.

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Sorry this happened to you! You might want to check your homeowner's or tenant's insurance policy under theft for coverage. Lots of us prefer to check our bags and hope nothing happens. It is a drag if something does, but even Lee's 11 lb. bag is more than I want to schlep around and is certainly too minimal for a 10 month trip, for most of us anyway. Your trip sounds wonderful. I hope most of it was great. Wray

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You have this posted 3 times. You might want to delete the other 2 posts.

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This is one of 3 triple copies of the same post. It might be better to keep all your answers in one place.

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This isn't really a "security breach" ---- that means someone getting through security with contraband (knife, etc.).

I have always wondered if luggage gets stolen off the carousel---so now I know. So sad to hear this happened, especially at our own airport. We always try to keep our bags with us after passing the customs guy, instead of putting them on the belt to be transported to baggage claim. Usually we can keep them, but one time the guy there made everyone put their bags on the belt thing. I don't understand what authority they have for doing that.

Theft of personal property should be covered by your homeowner's insurance. I had my car broken into in downtown Spokane a few years back and all the contents (mostly camping gear) stolen. I got fully reimbursed by my homeowner policy. Auto insurance paid for damage to my car.

With this weather we are having here now you need winter clothes---especially rain gear! Luckily there are lots of pre-Christmas deals out there,mood time for shopping.

I hope your trip was otherwise a good one. Ten months in Europe sounds amazing. I hope you will write a trip report and post it here---lots of us would love to know how to go about this---sounds like a dream come true.

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Most of us would like to know how the visa requirement was handled since many previous reports indicate some difficult with securing the proper visa. Second, I think most airports have open luggage pick up areas. All the recent airports I have used in the US and Canada are all unsecured or open. Third, I always have to pick up my luggage prior to going through customs and not afterwards. In that case, it is secure since you are behind customs.

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Highway robbery in Spain and now your experience at SeaTac - you've certainly had an eventful trip!

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I agree with Ken - you certainly seem to have had your share of bad luck!