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Little Old Falling Down in Paris

Yesterday my daughter and I were having coffee at Les Deux Magots on Saint-Germain des Pres. A little old lady, with a cane and a shopping bag walks by. My daughter points out that it seemed strange for such an old person to be walking in heels. Within seconds my daughter gasps because the lady had just tumbled to the ground. I would have gone to assist, but quickly two women were helping her up followed by a small crowd of onlookers.

This evening my daughter returns from the Latin Quarter where she saw the same old fall TWICE. Small groups quickly gathered to assist. I can't prove it, but this must be a pickpocketing scam.

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Maybe, could be, but my Parisian grandmother wore heels till the day she died, including when we finally brought her to Canada and she went on a nursing home. They wanted flats for her, even her slippers had heels, but since she had worn heels all her life flats hurt her,her leg tendons had shortened and flats simply were not comfortable. She wore heels till she was 89 years old. She also never worn pants,only dresses and skirt/suits.

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Wow, if that's the latest scam, it's a good one. It's one thing to wave away petition girls, but another to ignore an old lady falling down on the sidewalk.

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Of course it may not be a scam at all but just a poor old soul afflicted with dementia who wanders out and about the neighbourhood in her high heels .Not everything unusual is a scam. Sometimes it is just life taking place.

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Interestingly enough, we experienced the same thing near St Chapelle last week. Either it is a new scam or there are a lot of old ladies falling down in Paris. Take your pick.