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Lisbon Taxi Drivers

Just a word of warning regarding Lisbon taxi drivers. We were in Lisbon in April and took 3 different taxis. We felt all of them were dishonest. Unlike Spain (where we had no trouble) the taxi meters don't show all of the charges on a fare. When we took a taxi from the Lisbon Airport to Alcacer do Sal, I had gotten an online fare from LisbonTaxi for 61 euro and said 50 to 75 euro which I showed the driver before we started. He said "no problem". We were charged 145 euros. The meter said 131 when we pulled in to the posada, then the driver said 135 and then it was 145 by the time we finally got our luggage. He claimed to not speak English or Spanish and threatened to call the police if we didn't pay him. We tried to get the hotel desk staff to translate, but to no avail. Later in the trip we took a taxi from the Lisbon airport to the Rossio square area. That taxi got lost and then charged 15 euro on a meter that read 13 euros. The final taxi from our hotel to the airport wanted 18 euro even though the hotel said 10 - 15 (it was 5:30 AM and no traffic) and the meter said less. Since we were leaving Portugal we only had 17 euros, so that's what he got. None of the taxi drivers speak (or claim to understand) anything but Portuguese so it's hard to communicate. Be aware that even with a map to your lodging or written rates, you'll probably end up paying more than you expected.

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I'm wondering if the extra charges were for luggage, as that seems standard.

We have only taken one taxi in Lisbon. The driver spoke English and we weren't at all scammed. In fact it was so much cheaper than expected. We went from the cruise ship port to the Castel and it was only 4 euros.

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Sorry to hear you were ripped off. I do know the rates are higher at night, 9pm-6am, & also if you hail one on the street.
We took several taxis during our trip last June and found the drivers courteous & honest. The fares were very cheap. Belem to Rosso station came under €7 & Avenida Liberdade to the airport around €10.

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We got hit with the taxi from the airport to Avenida Liberdade. The bellman came up to us after we got to the curb and asked how much we paid-he was furious when we said 24€. It should have been 10€. What was even more frustrating was I had done my research and knew it should have only been 10€.

Live and learn

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I'd have to check my trip records, but I vaguely recall paying too much on the Taxi from the airport into Lisbon. However on subsequent trips, I felt the price charged on the meter was fair.

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This happens sometimes and with the language barrier makes it difficult to find out why it cost so much when it could simply be as someone earlier stated a charge per piece of luggage. hope this did not spoil your trip

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Sorry to hear of your experience.
Was in Lisbon in June and was expecting a 12 to 15 euro fare from the airport to Rossio. The fare ended up being 8.75 - a nice way to start the trip. The other fares were all under the expected price as well, although Portugal is the first country i've been where cab drivers aren't chatty.