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Keeping items safe on the Beach in Spain

We're thinking of spending some time on a Beach near Nerja, Spain and I'm wondering how we keep our things safe if both of us go in the water at the same time? If we have a room safe to store out passports, credit cards, and train passes, we'd still have a room key and some cash for the day with us that we wouldn't want to leave in a bag by our towels. Is there a good item for storing these things that can be worn while swimming?

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You can leave your hotel key with the hotel. Some hotels actually prefer that guest leave their room key when leaving the property to reduce the possibility of lost keys.

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I googled "Waterproof wallets" and found a large assortment of wallets for use while swimming. Money and credit cards aren't damaged by getting wet. I sure wouldn't try to hide my things on the beach.

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We canoe (sometime upside down) and two brand names that we know work are Aquapac and Alocksak(sp?). Google them. Should be available on Amazon, REI, LL Bean. Let me know if you can't find them and I'll see what other paddling stores might have them.

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We used the Aquapac brand (several years ago) for Caribbean snorkeling, and it worked great.

Re: the last post re: the money pouch in the mankini...........oh my, I have some many funny, snappy lines that come to mind...........LOL.

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Put your stuff in a plastic bag inside of a diaper that looks used. Nobody picks up a used diaper.

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When my husband and I went to the beaches in Barcelona, we did several things.
1. We brought only cash, xerox copy of our passports, and other small items. We left our passports at the apartment we were renting.
2. We put them into a plastic bag and when we arrived at the beach, we dug a hole, buried the bag, and then placed our beach towel and books on top of it. We went swimming and left our area for long periods of time and in 5 weeks we never had an issue.