Please sign in to post. is FRAUD!!!! They sold me a wrong ticket and debited $1033

SCAMMERS!!!! Don't do my mistake! This company is ABSOLUTE SCAM!!!

I wanted to book a flight Miami - Paris but this company sold me a ticket Miami-Madrid. I received a confirmation email from them for a initial flight Miami-Paris then I received an email from Airfrance confirming my flight Miami- Madrid next day!!
They debited $1033 from my account for this ticket. I called them, they told me that it's not refundable and it's not possible to change it. The agent was very rude and told me "Buy another ticket if you want to go in Paris!" Awful customer service.
I opened a claim for a fraud, my bank is investingating. I will also report it to police. This scams have to stop cheat people and steal money. I have all the proofs and confirmation emails.

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First of all, remove your booking number before some spammer makes thing worse.

I am sorry this happened to you and I hope it all works out. If you look at the air travel forum on trip advisor you will find you are not alone in your concerns about

The common advice on this forum is to buy your tickets directly from the airline.

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The difference between me booking my own international flights and having a friend of mine at a travel agency do it for me was less than 5%. And she knows all the tricks.

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You may be able to make a claim with your bank under Reg E rules.

Call your bank and tell them that you were debited for something you didn’t authorize.

Listen to me carefully: you need to follow the bank’s instructions exactly. Call their 800 number, Reg E investigations have a very strict timeline and the bank has to document when they first received notification Most banks do this by recording the call with a time stamp.

You will probably receive a provisional credit back into your account but it’s only provisional. You will get some paperwork in the mail to complete. If you don’t complete it on time that provisional credit will go away so do it and send it in. Again the bank will probably have a fax number or email address for you to send the paperwork.

I’m so sorry this happened to you. Follow the instructions and you may be able to get your money back.

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There are no tricks in booking airfare. It’s a simple search and then you decide yes or no. It’s pretty simple.

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Under 1100 is kind of expensive? From Detroit to Paris is usually about 1300-1400.

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Welcome to your first post on the Rick Steves forum. Third party airline tickets are often scam companies.

Next time it will work better to do some research either here or on Trip Advisor BEFORE you purchase. Here's a link to a Trip Advisor Air Travel forum " is a scam" thread that has 1250 responses and has been going since 2015. LONG history of complaints about this company.

I'm pretty sure most of the posters on this forum are savvy enough to not get caught in this or by some of the other shonky Online Travel Agencies.

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Hopefully you can get this matter resolved and get your money back.

For future reference, you might consider using a travel agent to book flights, use a more reputable reseller such as Expedia or simply book yourself with the airline of your choice. I normally use a travel agent for international flights.