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Both happened to me. I booked a place in New Zealand, and a few hours later, I was contacted that the reservation was cancelled. I later saw the property relisted.

I also booked a place in Seattle that a few days later it became obvious that it was a fake booking. For a couple months booking said it was legit. Finally, I decided I was done with booking and made other arrangements. While in Seattle, I walked over to the condo building that was shown in the booking photo and asked if any of the units was being rented through booking. I was told there were four units, none of them being used for short term rental.

I use them for scoping out possibilities and I'm trying to avoid using them.

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And that is why I don't use them. Quite frankly, I don't even use them to search for properties. I've always had success using Google, the forum here, and guidebooks.

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KB, thanks for the heads-up. Just as balancing info, I've used many times and had good experiences. I find it very user friendly, gives clear info about (my) ability to cancel, and I find the user reviews extremely helpful.
But always good to be aware of possible pitfalls. Happy travels!

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I like using it to identify and compare candidates, because it has useful filters and (supposedly at least) genuine reviews. But I always book directly with the hotel, and I don't think I've ever had to pay more doing that.