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Centurion rome - 20 euro x pictures

Hi, be aware to take pictures with these guys, dress like roman soldier around the colosseo and the main spot, they come to you in the friendly way, asking take a picture with me, u say ok thinking then u can give a small offer, but no! The small offer is never a lot for them, the scream and they want at least 20 euro for each people on the pictures, and they have different prices for every nationality, the police is Corropt they just stay there and watch, even there is the law rule say these guys don t suppose to stay there,

So to all the guys in rim è asking to take pictures don t do it!!

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Better to take a picture with the two handsome cops in uniform who hang close to the entrance of the Capitoline Museum... ;-)

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This is such an odd development, which started, I think, around 2000. The guys are really aggressive! A friend came to visit me in Rome and we got sort of carried away and "charmed" by the guy and ended up taking a photo with him. My friend offered him a little somethin' but that wasn't good enough for the dude, so he dipped his hand into my friend's wallet! Steer clear of those guys ...

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I experienced this a couple of years ago. When they asked for 20 euros - EACH - I handed them 10 Euros and told them they should inform people of their price ahead of time. They didn't seem to mind. 10 is better than nothing!

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This scam has been around for awhile, and I've heard they can be quite aggressive if they don't get the amount they want. If I want photos of them, I usually do it from a distance with a long range zoom Lens, as that costs nothing and there's nothing they can do about it. I'm not particularly interested in getting a photo with the "Gladiators".

The Gladiator situation is described in this video, which is about 48 minutes in length (the Gladiator part is at the beginning)......

At the end of the show, which was produced in 2012, they announced that Gladiators will no longer be allowed to pose for pictures with tourists for money. It would seem that rule didn't last long.

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We were in front of the Colosseum a few weeks ago with our family and watch the Rome Police trying to remove a group of these guys. There were at least 6 large guys (possibly more as we remember quite a bit more when we entered then at this point when we were leaving) and they were arguing very loudly with the police. It was getting quite aggressive, although not speaking the language we had no idea what they were saying but many hand gestures and posturing. More police came and it was quite a spectacle. Several were taken away to waiting police cars. My children were enthralled as if they were watching a live theater performance and my son took a video with his phone. The police were there doing something about it that day!

I have not written a trip report yet but prior to taking our first trip to Europe we were on alert for scams in all of our locations - and possible a bit frightened to be starting in Rome (where we thought we would be targets around every corner). Now home, I have to say that we NEVER felt unsafe or witnessed any of the typical scams except for the above. We were in Rome from June 26- July 1, rode the subway for the first time ever (during rush hour and late at night), went to most of the typical "tourist" spots, and basically as a family from America screamed tourist. No issues and had a lovely time.

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Well I am not sure why anyone would think people would dress up and stand around a tourist site and not demand a payment.
Personally think it's super cheesy and would not participate, but suppose it might interest young kids. In that case would make sense to ask about price first.

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I agree with pat, it's so cheesy but probably fun for kids. Especially weird are the "gladiators" with biker tattoos.

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Try taking a picture with the costumed characters on Hollywood Los Angeles and not give them some money. You'll see some aggressive behavior. Why would you expect to not pay them and if you don't get a price up front you are naive. Try buying cheese at a street market without stating a price up front. I overspent because I didn't get a price first, same situation really. At least the cheese lasted several days and was delicious. If the Gladiators are the worst scam you fall for, consider your trip a success.

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We avoided the gladiators at the Colosseum but I did have "Spiderman" jump into a picture behind my wife and I in Times Square. He then demanded money and only received a suggestion that he do something quite physically difficult...

My wife did get a picture with a group of Carabinieri at the Uffizi, they were happy to do it gratis.

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There are lots of "street weirdos" in Madrid, but I have never seen them be aggressive. When I was there last year, I saw Bart and Homer Simpson in the Puerta del Sol. I didn't stick around to see what happened if anyone wanted to take a picture with them, though. In the article posted above, though, it doesn't seem that the spectator was very innocent - he was heckling the performers. That's not quite the same as charging to take a picture. The street performers I have seen all had boxes for donations, but never objected when someone took their picture without giving.

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My first time in Europe, a well dressed lady was scamming people by pretending to work for the train company and helping then find the proper coach. And then asking for a very large fee. I noticed a nice German fellow whom the lady approached. He shook his head politely, wagged his finger at her and said "No, No". That was all it took to send the lady after other prey.

OTOH, I have personally been approached many times by travelers who thought I was a native, or just because I spoke English. I have always tried to help and never asked for money.