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This is not really a scam, just a note of caution. I didn't know where else to put this message. Be careful if you book a hotel through the website Their listing on the internet led me to believe that I was actually contacting the hotel, which was my intent. I booked by telephone, but because the agent's English was so bad, I couldn't understand that I wasn't talking to the hotel. (This was a US property, but the website uses an offshore call center.)

The problem was -- the agent immediately charged the entire stay to my credit card, without telling me he was doing so or asking my permission. And when I arrived at the hotel, they had no way of determining how much had been charged to my credit card or what provider had done it. When I got my credit card statement, the dollar amount surprised me. After a very long phone call with, I learned that rate varied during the days of my stay, another fact that was not communicated to me when I booked.

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Hello Sherry,
Thank you so much for taking the time to write to us and warn our travelers that this sight may cause them some troubles, as it has done to you. To avoid booking through third party sights I will often try to look up the hotel on Google and Trip advisor. If I can not find direct booking info then I will try to contact the nearest tourism information office to ask for a review and contact information for the hotel. If I still can't contact the hotel directly for some reason, then I find a different place to stay. I figure any hotel that is that hard to get a hold of MIGHT also be that indifferent/impossible to contact when I am a guest and have in house needs that must be met.
Thanks again for sharing your experience with us!