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Car rental through OE Interactive Ltd

Just made a rental car reservation through this website, OE Interactive Ltd, for a Europcar rental to travel in France. I found this link on the Paris CDG website and was cheaper than booking directly through Europcar. However, when I tried to confirm my reservation directly with Europcar, the number was not found. I am wondering if anyone else has had this experience and if positive, or was it a scam. I have emailed both OE Interactive Ltd and Europcar for confirmation, but am still waiting. Thanks in advance.

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This office has no experience with OE Interactive. When booking a car rental through Auto Europe, for instance, you have to pay, allow time for them to confirm the booking with Europcar or other provider, then receive your final voucher which is valid for picking up the car. I'm sure the voucher has reservation numbers/details that are different from the initial online booking/quote number assigned by Auto Europe's web site. In these cases, I have never tried to confirm separately with Europcar, but they have always recognized my voucher upon arrival.

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Thank you for taking your time to answer my query and to provide me such information on this website and car rentals.