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I haven't seen that article, but I don't think it is limited to Sicily, Italy, or Europe. Charging for damage you didn't cause, charging for non-existent damage and charging for fuel going into a full tank are not new scams.

They can happen anywhere, in any country, at any franchise, at any time. That's why you photograph all around and under before you drive off, the same as you park on return, and the dashboard. And return during opening hours if you can.

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Yes Nigel, I agree with you about making sure your rental car doesn't have any damage, but this article was about a scam where the criminals claimed your car did damage to theirs. And they like to use major highways to the airport to attack drivers who are trying to catch a flight--hoping they will just give in and give them money. Very tricky.

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I would just say follow me to the airport cause I bought the expensive insurance......Follow me.....

I am so done being polite and people trying to scam me that now i GOT COCKY.