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Barcelona - Bird Shit Scam

This is happening down by Museu Nacional d'Art Catalunya. People are walking in and around the surrounding park areas and feel a splat on their heads/shoulders/back. They look and see what looks like bird shit. A couple then come over and 'help' clean it off. The only thing they are helping themselves to is your belongings - pick pocketing to their hearts content. They are squirting fake bird shit and cleaning people out - be warned.

That's all the scams I have for now....

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The scam has been around for years, and not just in Spain.
The reminder is useful for anyone who hasn't heard of it, though.

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I honestly opened this up thinking that Skycam had a Bird Shit Cam.

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Happened to me in Paris, but nobody came up and offered to clean it off or steal anything. Real bird shit. Lesson: Don't hang out under lamp posts in Paris where pigeons like to sit.

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Happened to to a co-worker in Frisco but it wasn't a scam. Don't walk under pigeons.

Happened to a friend visiting Argentina. Nice couple helped clean off his jacket. Then he lost his cell phone.

Happened to an English acquaintance in Barcelona. His bank was able to overnight a new credit card to him.

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This is a good reminder, but as others have mentioned, this one has been around for a long time. I encountered this in one of the rail stations in Brussels, when a "helpful individual" approached me and offered to help me clean the bird crap off my shoulder. It's often just mustard or some other concoction applied from a squeeze bottle. He looked a bit dodgy so I told him to "take a hike" and that I'd clean it at the hotel.

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.....That's all the scams I have for now.... If that is all, you haven't travel much. I could list fifty. Hang around this site for a few more weeks and increase your knowledge of scams.

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Sam, the same thing happened to me in the Marais this past March. Fortunately, I was bombed after finishing my falafel sandwich -- whew! :)

As for actual scams, in our few visits, we've been entertained by the ring scam, the petition girls, and the bracelet scam -- all in Paris. And on our last trip, waiting in line to get into Notre Dame, my son-in-law had someone slip in alarmingly close behind him with her long flowing skirt, colorful head scarf, billowing coat, and large shoulder bag. I stared her down and she backed off. Might have been a coincidence, but I don't think so. She didn't seem interested in going inside. ;)

It's kind of fun to watch when you know what to look for.

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To those of you who are "wise" or experienced enough to know when a scam has been around for a while...good on ya'. For those of us who've been lucky enough to not run into a particular scam yet, it's quicker to absorb the knowledge/experience imparted without weeding through your #metoo comments that don't add anything useful to an account of a scam.
As has been noted a good number of times, there are a million types of scams, not everyone can imagine them all, and hearing about how contrived they can be is quite helpful. I've traveled Europe a good number of times and have seen and been the victim / target of my share of schemes.

I enjoy arming myself with the useful knowledge and experience of others. Let's make it easier for others to do the same.

Travel safe!