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A new type of European scam against Europeans.....

This is one I haven't heard of before, at least with such a large number of people......

I suspect the restaurant owner will be changing his policies with large groups, and insisting on a larger deposit.

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That's really dreadful. It's so tough to make a living in the restaurant business, even if your customers don't stiff you.

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It's organized crime whether the patrons saw themselves that way or not.

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I thought you were posting about a scam perpetrated against tourists?
This just does not only happen in Europe. I live in college town and the kids try to run tabs and skip out.

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Your title is a little misleading, since this is not a scam against tourists. It is unfortunate for the restaurant owner, and should not have happened, regardless of the nationality of the perpetrators. It's also unlikely to have been committed by tourists, but rather by an organized group. But as an earlier poster noted, this happens all the time (though maybe not to as large an extent) in university towns here in the US, too.

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I've amended my title. Does that cover it?

Regarding the comments about the group involved, I specifically avoided making any reference to the nationality of the "suspects" (although that was mentioned by some of the news reports).

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I'm struggling to see how this is a "new scam".
People have been leaving without paying since the first restaurant was opened!
The story is "local newsworthy" because of the number of people involved but other than that it must have been a very quiet news day at the BBC

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According to a story on NPR this morning, the parties formed a conga line, and danced out---and vanished.

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This article made me laugh obviously I feel for the owners and staff but the sheer cheek of the perps is unbelievable