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Your travel route and Google Android "location history"

In case you may not be fully aware, with location reporting, Google tracks your whereabouts, which you may personally find useful, interesting or invasive.

If you're interested in learning what Google knows about where you've been, head on over to: The results you see are obviously dependent upon whether you had the phone on and a data connection was active.

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I saw this today, too, rab.

This info goes for Apple iPhones & iPads, too! Just go to Jeff Rossen's Rossen Reports Facebook page and click on the large picture of the phone. You don't need a Facebook account to access this info. He walks you through the how-tos for disabling this Privacy setting for both Apple & Android devices.

While perhaps only unnerving for Apple device owners, this privacy setting is more of a security concern for Android users.

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Eileen - why the difference between concern between Apple and Android users?