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Would you use Firefox Focus (new private browser) for your Android overseas?

I have booked a trip to Vienna, and would like to use my normal Gmail to email my friends and family, plus I'll be using Skype. I will also be looking at my Lufthansa and United apps, to check my flight bookings. I won't be doing any online banking, but still I'm worried about privacy. Do I need to further protect my tech?

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I haven't investigated fully, but I didn't see anything in the blurb about the Focus browser that conferred any advantage over just using a Private or Incognito window in my regular phone browser.

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Second the VPN suggestion. I use PIA and love it. Up to five devices for $40 a year. Never leave home without it.

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If you are looking for something to keep viruses and nosey internet crooks out of your hardware, this does nothing for that. It is not a firewall. It is not antivirus software. The private browser just keeps where you have been on the internet a secret from others who might use that device and blocks ads that show up when you do a search. It protects your hardware no better than any other browser out there because no browser is designed to protect your hardware.

I have done everything internet related I normally do, including online banking, while in Europe using hotel WiFi and my iPhone and have never had any issues. Not saying nothing could happen, but in over 10 years and 50 trips, I have never had any issues.