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Would this phone work and what SIM card to get?

I wanted to know if this would work. I am thinking of getting this phone I would like to get a SIM card before leaving home. I want to put in all my excursion phone numbers, hotel numbers, taxi number etc on the phone address book. Anyone know a SIM card that would work in Greece for a few phone calls and text messages (no monthly plan)? I am hoping to turn it on in the airport and it will work fine.

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Hello LF, get your SIM card when you get to the country you plan on traveling in.
If it is the EU the SIM card should work for all EU countries
Cell plans in US for travel outside of US are expensive and if a local call is made in a foreign COUNTRY with a US number the party will not call you back because the number is a long distance number.
Get a local sim that will come with a local number, a month of unlimited calls and text.
Use Skype to call home or use Whats app for texting anywhere for free
Good luck

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That phone is a quad band phone and should work in Greece. I agree that should buy a SIM card once you arrive in country. The information that you want to store on the phone is stored in the phone’s memory, not on the card.

I would head to a company store for Cosmote, Vodafone, Wind or Frog and get a SIM card that would meet your needs. Since that phone is not a true smart phone, I doubt that you’d need much data, just some voice for local calling and maybe texting.

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That phone is a more basic model but should work fine in Europe. It doesn't have some of the newer frequency bands but as you're only planning to use voice & text, it should do the job.

If you want a phone that will work as soon as you step off the plane, you could look at iRoam, Mobal or Cellular Abroad as they offer SIM's that can be set up before the trip. If you're only making a few calls, it should be reasonably cost effective.

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Any Sim Card recommendations that I could buy on Amazon?

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The Orange Holiday SIM is popular - but it's good for only two weeks before you have to top it off. Should work fine in Greece.

I have had great luck with my Dutch Vodafone SIM - bought on eBay, used in Slovenia, Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal (never in the Netherlands), surely would work in Greece. It is always nice to turn the phone on when the plane lands and have it just work. It's cheaper than the Orange Holiday SIM ($11 for the SIM from eBay, then you have to add credit to it - e.g. 20 euros for a 6GB data package good for 30 days). But it's not a great option for calls - just for data. An easy solution to that is just to buy $10 of Skype credit and make calls to phone numbers with Skype for a few cents per minute - works on data or WiFi.

If your trip will be for less than two weeks, the Orange Holiday SIM is probably easier.

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But now I see you are interested in a flip phone and probably just want to make calls. in that case, a Mobal phone may be better/easier for you. But that Blu phone from Amazon should work with the Orange Holiday SIM - it has the right GSM frequencies for calls in Europe.

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We are based in Australia and wanted to get European travel sims. I have a Samsung galaxy 9 dual sim and my wife has an iphone 6.
I did a bit of research and was till not 100% sure so I ordered a G0-Sim travel sim ( International $usd $17 incl $10 credit) and an Orange Holiday Europe for my wife ( $49.90 ). As the G0-sim ( which is based in Estonia so you get a +372 phone number ... I hear you say " oh really" ) and the Orange sim you get a +33 ( france ) number.
As soon as I received my International GO-sim sim I could install it and register to use .It is good for 28 days without doing anything additional. i.e. It hooked up and would work in Australia.
My wife had to wait and install and register once we arrived in Frankfurt to register as the Orange sim only worked in Europe. And data is only good for 14 days .
The GO-Sim was really easy to log in and check your balance and recharge in small amounts
The Orange was difficult to recharge , website was freezing up. Halfway through the 'topup' the app froze and we ended up recharging twice at 21.70 euros a go - quite expensive.
With both sims you just have to remember to dial the country code e.g. +33 for france if you are trying to make a call from outside the country ( e.g. calling france from germany if you are contacting a hotel etc)
I used the GO-SIM for my bookings, google maps, sending e-mails, sms and phone calls ...... It worked great !!! Use it again = YES
Would I use the orange again ? - No