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Will my Samsung quick charger charge as quickly in Italy?

I have a Samsung Galaxy S10 with fast charging capabilities. I am wondering if the fast charger that came with the phone will charge as quickly in Italy as it does in the US? I have had usb chargers in the past that have charged much slower in Europe than in the US. If this is the case, I might just buy a European charger (Amazon?) before I leave. If need be, any specific recommendations for a European fast charger would be appreciated.

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I have not noticed a difference in charging speeds with USB. There should not be a difference since the voltage is being stepped down.

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I just used my Samsung fast charger in Budapest and Amsterdam with a European plug adapter and the charging seemed the same as at home. I also brought an adapter that just had USB outlets but only used it for things like my kindle that don't have a fast charge adapter.

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Your charger output should be the same if it is operating properly regardless of 120 vac or 220 vac. It should be outputting the specified voltage and amperage. If your USB charger has a lower amperage output than your Samsung charger, the USB will take longer to charge.

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Thanks everyone. Looks like I won't need to purchase anything new. I really try to understand voltage, amperage, watts etc., but in between every trip I seem to forget it all. Lol.