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Wifi calling in Europe with my USA phone

My Nokia 635 phone allows me to easily make calls over Wifi rather than the cellular network. I do this when I am in my home because I have poor cellular service in my home office. My question ... if I am sitting in a café in Paris (or Rome, etc) and have free wifi available, what calling pattern do I follow when calling back to the US. After connecting to the wifi network, do I treat it like a US call and simply dial 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx? or do I treat it like a Europe-US call and dial 00-1-xxx-xxx-xxxx? Thanks.

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Hi Will. You should be able to call out like you would in the U.S. Whenever I have used Skype from overseas to call the U.S., it firsts asks you the country you want to call so it automatically enters the country code for you. Then you just enter the area code and number like you would at home. I'm not sure exactly how a Nokia works though so you might double check with them to be sure. If all else fails, just try both and see which works!

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Using my Android phone with T-Mobile in Germany, I used the phone as if I were in the US, both with WiFi calling and "regular" calling (20 cents/minute for me with T-Mobile's "Simple Choice" plan). I could call contacts from my address book just like I would normally at home. I called within Germany a few times, but I think I clicked on a number and the phone figured out the country code, etc.

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I believe there is a difference between the kind of wifi calling you are describing and using skype or facetime. You might want to check with your carrier about cost and how to make calls.

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I'm also a T Mobile international caller. My 2 1/2 year old granddaughter kept calling me in Budapest @ 3:30 a.m. using her mother's cellphone's speed dial. It was just like calling down the street from the U.S.

T Mobile's $50 monthly plan comes with anytime free cancellation--no contracts. You have to have a T Mobile or AT&T GSM phone that's been unlocked. I don't think Verizon's hardware will work.

Another option is to take a MagicJackPlus unit and a cheap phone handset. Plug the MagicJack unit into a laptop running WIFI and the handset into the MagicJack unit. You can call home for free. I'm already on MagicJack Plus at home.

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Thanks for all your responses. I also have T-Mobile, so am glad to read Andrew's response - that is how I am also planning to use the phone. Yes, T-Mobile does have free international SMS and 20 cents/minute calling as their standard, but free on wifi is even a better price :) BTW, My wife and I are also Skype users, but only for video with our grandsons.