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Whisper system with hearing aids

Has anyone used small head phones over hearing aids rather than ear buds?
If so, how did it work?

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Depends on the type of hearing aid and type of headphone. Obviously headphones are easier to use if you have an in the ear aid. DH wears a behind the ear aid and had to try several headphones before he found some that worked for him. He used to use a Sony noise cancelling set. Now he uses a Bose. Some hearing aid wearers just remove one of their aids (putting it somewhere secure on their person) and using just one of the provided ear buds.

If your aids are blue tooth enabled, I believe there is an accessory gizmo you can buy to plug into the whisper device, obviating the need for either headphones or ear buds. You can do a forum search for a couple of earlier threads on the subject.

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I wear hearing aids and tried a small cheap headset on a tour, wasn't happy with it. You might consider a "D-ring" earpiece like this, which encircles the ear but doesn't enter it. I got one and it was too small, but you might have smaller ears or better luck from shopping more than I did. As the previous poster noted, there have been other recent threads on this subject. Try searching "whisper hearing aid" or some such.

I hadn't heard about any device that might allow a bluetooth connection, but that would be a good alternative if available. I use this headset with my phone and like it a lot -- compact and inconspicuous.

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Our guide on the Best of Germany tour this spring had a few of the D-ring type earpieces to distribute when we got our Whisper set. The one she provided worked fine with my hearing aids.