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Which SIM card would you recommend...

...for use in Scotland, and then in Italy the same trip.
Ideally with data.
I usually just use WhatsApp, but quite like having the phone available if needed.
I'm thinking Vodafone, but does Lebara have a card with data and calling that would work in both countries?

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The Vodafone plan (big value bundle) that I bought earlier this year included 1 GB of data, some calling minutes and I think some text allowance, all for use in the U.K. It also included 500 MB of data for roaming in the EU and Switzerland. I can't recall if it included roaming minutes for calls. I can't help with the Lebara plans as I haven't used them.

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Now the EU have capped data that's not quite the issue it was.
Same with calls within the EU.
Do watch out for the call rate if you dial other international numbers while it's in a roaming country though