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Which Lens?

Hi, I'm taking my Sony A6000'to Scotland (I also have a Canon 5D mark 2) but can't take it. I have tear in my shoulder an pinched nerve in the other side. So I downsized to the Sony for travel. Which lens would you recommend? I am going to rent a 10-18 for the trip but wondering if I should try something else. I have the 16-50 kit lens. I will be shooting mostly buildings in Edinburgh and landscape views on the isle of Skye. Of courts a couple of my son an myself. Thoughts?

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I'm not too familar with the Sony A6000, but an 10-18 sounds great for the landscapes you will be seeing. The 16-50 kit will be good for general travel and for people. If you bring these and nothing else you will be fine.

A stronger zoom may be useful. I'm also not sure how fast these lenses are - are they good in low light (evening, inside dark buildings?) If not, a faster lens would be nice. Again, what you have is good. If I had to pick, I'd take what you have and add a fast lens (if yours are slower).

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The 10-18 should provide good wide angle capability for the interior of Churches and other buildings as well as landscape shots. The 16-50 will provide some duplication of the range, so I'd probably leave that one at home. Is there any possibility you could also rent the Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 Lens as that would provide an excellent range from wide angle to zoom.

Although I usually travel with a longer range zoom, I find that the majority of my shots with my DSLR are taken with either the 10-22 wide angle or the 24-105 mid range zoom.

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I took my Sony NEX-7 to Poland, Czech Republic and Hungary a couple of years ago. I took an 18-200 mm Tamron Zoom which is incredibly lightweight and I got great photos! I believe that the A6000 is a mirror less E-Mount with a cropped APS-C sensor, is that right? Check it out. If you need to go lightweight, this is a great system! I have a 5D Mark II also, and I never travel with it! Way too heavy! I upgraded to an A7!