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Where to purchase a European SIM card upon arrival in Paris

Hi! For the first time I am planning to go the European-SIM-card-with-unlocked-phone route, and I've solved all issues (including compatibility) except one- where to buy the "Europe plus" SIM card by Mobal? Will I be able to find this in CDG Airport? Will it be overpriced there? If the airport is generally a "no", where would be a better option? I feel particularly anxious about solving this, because mobile internet access is the foundation upon which so many of my other "securities" on my trip rest. Thanks so much!!

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We were in Paris, CDG, this Feb, we found a SIM card there but no one could tell us anything about it so we waited until we got into Paris, Googled for an Orange store (one of the largest providers in France) which are all over the city, and bought one there on Blvd St Michel right by the river. It was quick, easy and we were very happy with it. It was $40 for 2 wks. There are cheaper ones elsewhere but we wanted one from a good provider.

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If you've decided to use the Mobal SIM, that would normally be ordered from their website and delivered to your home prior to departure. AFAIK they don't have any sales outlets in Europe. Send them an E- mail to confirm that.

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I find this site to provide a good overview of local SIM card options.

I always suggest getting a card in town vs. the airport, that way if any issues arise it's easier to return to the store for service.

Edit to add: if features like tethering or services like Skype are important to you be sure to ask if they are allowed. Carriers sometimes block them.

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This does not necessarily apply but I picked up a SIM card in Bath England from car phone warehouse for 15 pound They said it would not work in France but here I am a week & half later still going strong. I have an IPhone 7+ the SIM card is MTV TRAX SIM with 7 GB data 500 minutes & unlimited text 1 month use. It has worked great for England -Wales -France but I can not call to the states. I have used iMessage & email with images. In France it has used a couple of different providers with very good coverage 4G from Orange & Bouygues. We have traveled from Paris -Normandy-mt saint micheal-Loire -sarlat-carcassonne-arles-& back to Paris I paid cash for the card with no personal information given. The wife had used the travel pass from Verizon at $10 per day & coverage has been good but mine has been better. Car Phone Warehouse was fast I was out in less than 10 minutes & the card was active with in 30 minutes.

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If you must have a SIM card as soon as you arrive at CDG, they are available at the Relay convenience stores. They don't sell Mobal but have several French brands. With the new EU rules, you won't have roaming charges if you travel to a different country, so it's not necessary to buy a "global" or":international: SIM card anymore. If available, I would purchase Lebara or Lycamobile since their French services have websites in English. The clerk at the Relay store was really kind and helped me test my phone before I left the store--but I wouldn't count on that kind of service. If you can wait, buy one at a phone store in Paris where a clerk can walk you through all the steps for activating your account.