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What Travel log/journal app is the best?

I downloaded 3 that are pretty good but each seems to have real positives. None are perfect. If only they could be combined!

I dont require a ton of writing. Space. Looking mostly for good documentation of my travels. Pics, step by step location by location stuff. No long drawn out blogs etc. Just the basics so you can retrace steps etc.

Find Penguins: if i could combine Find Penguins wkth Polar steps! It seems to have all the google maps options that polar steps lacks but is more cumbersome to navigate and add trip steps.

Polar Steps: love that it tracks number of countries you have been in and miles traveled total and per trip and the search function interacts nicely with google maps to find places. It also shows your start and finish on google maps (shows as straight line only)

The home page shows a world map with a dot but cant zoom or move around on it.

Some good features but has some limits. Pretty easy app to navigate

Volo: lots of good and cool things but no mileage or country trackers. Has a cute animated map summary of your trip but doesnt really utilize maps other than a screen shot if you want

Very rigid with no decent instructions or help.

It only gives public and private option. Others allow a 3rd option of "friends". Which is nice.

Anyone find any awesome apps?

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I've played around with all three of them now for a few days and decided to go with polar steps. It just seems much more user-friendly some of its features overall seems better.

I took a couple past trips and entered in pictures and journal entries into all 3 and polar steps just seems better than the others to me.

I do like that you can enter your information either on your phone as you're traveling or into a computer with an internet connection.

We will see how it works this summer in ireland and Scotland