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What portable power bank do you like best right now?

I have an Anker powercore slim 10000 that I got in 2018 but I’m thinking there are probably smaller, lighter chargers (for my iPhone and iPad). Do you have a favorite?

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The bigger and heavier they are, the more power they hold. 10,000 is lot. I would keep using it. I think that is what mine is.

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The Anker 10000 is still top-notch IMO, and if you want to charge an iPad on the go you definitely need the 10000 mAh of battery capacity. However, if you are happy with a device that will only comfortably charge your phone, then the Anker 5000 will do and will save you about 3 ounces.

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Interesting question that took me to the major gadget review sites where I discovered there is a new generation of GaN chargers, lighter, faster. Most iphones after the 8 support high energy fast charging. Found a product from Native Union that comes with EU, UK, USA adapters, which would be handy since the only electrical item I usually carry is a charger.

The Anker you have is more accurately known as a power bank, not just a charger, since it also sports a battery.

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Great. And thanks for the terminology- power bank :). Appreciate your inputs!

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I have a Zendure power bank for last couple of years.
High capacity and very rugged.

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Barbara, thanks for asking this question.

I'd been contemplating whether to get a power bank for my next trip as I am going to try to use googlemaps more. Last time my phone drained immediately when I turned on the map function (new phone now) but I thought I might need a boost when out and about.

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I have one that's more representative of the Anker 5000 in that I can just stick it in my bag and carry it with me always since it's so small (obviously it's also less powerful and has to be recharged itself more often) . . . it's a no-name brand, but I prefer it to the Anker because it's *square . . .i.e. instead of being shaped like a tube of lipstick, it's like a . . .pack of Starburst (???).

By which I mean it doesn't roll off my tray table on the train, because it has square edges.

*i checked, it's called Vinsic, but it's nearly six years old so I have no idea if that company even exists any more.

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Anker products are great and I love my 10000 mah even if it is heavy. The main thing now is to have one that accepts usb-c quick charging as well as usb-a.