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Using U.S. Cell phone in Europe

I am not very tech savvy so please excuse this question. When using a U.S. cell phone in Europe with an international plan from your carrier, I assume you add the 00 (European access code) and 1 (US country code) to the number you are calling in the U.S. Is this correct? When someone is calling or texting your U.S. cell phone in Europe, what does he/she add to your cell phone number to make it go through to the European country you are in? Thank you very much!

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Thats a really good question.
People back home just dial your normal cell number no codes.

Couple of Questions myself.
Billing..who picks the tab for the call.
In europe whoever puts the call in pays the tab, easy.
So if you call out from your cell its $1 a min.(AT and Ts package rate)
I presume a caller from US gets hit with the international call..and maybe you also get hit for $1 a min receiving
And between 2 US registered SIMs in europe are you hit with $1 at each end.This looks likely

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If you're calling the U.S. from Europe, use the prefix +1 and then the area code and phone number. Depending on which model phone you're using, there are different ways to produce the "+" sign.

If someone from the U.S. is calling your mobile, they simply dial your local number as usual, and the network will find you where ever you are. Note that you will pay for each incoming call, at the applicable rates set by your home network. Be sure to tell anyone calling you to check the time difference, as it's terribly annoying to be awakened at 03:00 by some moron that was too lazy to check the time.

Someone sending you a text from the U.S. will again just send to your normal number and the network will find your phone. In some cases, received texts are free while there's a small charge for sent texts (depending on the specifics of the roaming plan with your home network).

If you're using a Smartphone (iPhone, Android), be very careful with data roaming as the costs can be huge.

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If you have a smartphone just punch in the number as usual or hit the button for your preloaded contacts. Hence the term smartphone.