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using a windowsphone for ricks audio tours

Hi, I just got my first smart phone to take to europe next week. One of the reasons i got the smart phone is to listen to ricks audio tours while we are there. Unfortunately, i got a windows phone (not android and not Iphone). I have found out that I can listen to the audio only on this type of phone, but unlike android and Iphone, I will not be able to have other features like maps or script or actual downloads of the audio. I am wondering how much data I will use per hour of streaming the audio. This will help me to choose the size/cost of the data package when I arrive in Italy. I was thinking of getting 2G of data. I will be doing no vidio or music streaming while there and will only be using translation apps and maps. I will be in europe for 38 days. I plan on doing about 7 of ricks audio tours.

So questions: how much data will I use for 1 hour of streaming the audio?
do you think 2G will be enough data for 38 days, considering the above usage?

Thank you for your time, LInda

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Hi, Linda.

You can download the audio files while you're at home with Wi-Fi and play them on the road any time. They'll be saved on your phone, like a song or other mp3 file, and don't require any data use to listen.

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Hi Laura, thank you. are you certain about that? when I talked with the tech guy at the rick steves office I thought he said that i could not actually download onto a windowsphone. Can you double check with him for me? I have downloaded them on windows explorer (on my phone) but don't know how to tell if they are actually downloaded because I don't know how to bring up my list of downloads. Everytime I click on "listen or download" and then click on "save", it downloads again (rather than letting me know: you have already downloaded this feature or something similar).

I figure even if I have to stream live for the 7 tours, it probably won't use a lot of data. what do you think?

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I don't believe streaming the audio will be an option, as the audio tours are not delivered that way (AFAIK). The audio tours are downloaded the same as any music file, and then reside in the phone so they don't need to be streamed.

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Linda - I have a windows phone and downloaded the map and the audio for the City Walk. I downloaded to my computer, plugged my phone in to the computer and then dragged the files onto phone. I put the map in my office documents but couldn't find the audio... it was in with my music under "n" for Netherlands. I'm listening to it right now. Hope this helps -

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I'm the person you spoke with on the phone. I really don't think streaming is a reliable way to go. Like I (think I) said on the phone with you, just because you've paid for internet in Europe doesn't necessarily mean that you'll have a good internet connection right where you are when you want to use it. I think you'd be pretty disappointed if you got part way through your audio tour only to find that you lose service at some point in the middle of your walk. I don't even get full service in all parts of my house.

While you did note that you are able to save it, and it may just be that you need to find the app on your phone that is assigned to using/playing mp3/songs (Zune?), I'm finding a number of forums that say that you just can't download an mp3 file from an internet web page onto a WP... though what I'm finding is from 2013 which may be outdated.

Nance's overall method would also be a way to do it. Downloading the audio files to a PC that you know how to use, followed by uploading to your phone like any other song/mp3 is a perfectly acceptable way to go.

Or, if you have a Podcast app on your phone, you might use that and see if you can Search for the Rick Steves Audio Europe podcast. All of our audio tours are in that podcast.

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Thanks to all. I figured it out. On a windows phone the "audio" tours are downloaded to "podcasts" and on an mp3 file (I am not tech savy; if someone can please clarify the terms I am using, so in the future anyone with a windows phone can find some clear assistance.). Indeed, i did find the audio (versus the maps) under the music file that comes already on the phone. the maps are found under adope reader. just type in the search adobe.

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Great!! glad you figured that out. Because I think 7 hours of streaming would be extraordinarily expensive! I'm also a Windows phone user and this is a good reminder to me to look up what Rick and his team have for London, where I'm headed next week!!

Thanks all.