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Using a smartphone in museums

I brought my iphone - planning to only to use the wifi, not for calling. I've discovered another use. In some museums, (I'm in Norway right now but have seen this in Sweden as well) displays have a QR code. When I scan the code, it gives me information, in English, about the display. The museums doing this offer free wifi, so if I had not already had the QR app, I could have downloaded it.

So glad I brought my iphone!!

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It is amazing is it not? How did people survive traveling with nothing but luggage and a few personal items like cash, umbrella and a hat? :-)

I have used my phone to locate myself in cities with twisty, convoluted streets, listen to audio tours (RS and others), check the weather, find a transit stop, find my traveling partner, translate signs and, like you say, using QR codes at various site.

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Funny story about smartphones and museums...a few months back I was standing in line to purchase tickets for the Rijks Museum. I logged into their free wifi, opened my facebook and google apps, then get a notification that I have new email, head over to my Inbox and what do know I get an email from Amazon regarding a kindle title about the Rijks Museum. What are the odds:)

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Michael the odds are pretty good. A lot of the sites are using your technology to track [i.e. spy on] you. For a good read on the subject I would recommend "Technocreep" by Thomas B. Keenan.

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How convenient. Instant info. I leave for London in October and I can see myself scanning, scanning, scanning. Would worry over the data usage if I couldn't use free wifi. Hoping the London museums offer it!

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I only know of one museum in London which provides free wifi (although with restrictions) - that is the British Library. To complete the registration for the wifi there you will need to be able to receive email.

I am happy to be contradicted, but I'm pretty sure.

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I think at least in the Norway case the QR code itself contains the English caption - no Wi Fi or other Web access required, assuming you have the reader app installed on your device.