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US Customs Global Entry Interview

I didn't see a forum where this exactly fit, so going with Technology.

On my most recent trip back to the US from Europe I had my Global Entry interview while passing through US customs. If you have applied for Global Entry and tried to schedule an interview in the US you know how challenging it can be to find a convenient interview slot.

Well, you can do an interview while coming through customes on the way home. Here is what I did. First, before my trip I completed my application and it was apporved by Customs. Second, Customs sent me an email with details regarding the interview upon entry process works and to encourge me to use it. Finally, as I came through Customs in Philadelphia I asked the Customs Agent for a Global Entry interveiw. The agent sent me to another agent who does the interviews. There was no line and no waiting for this agent. The interview and fingerprinting took about 5 minutes. Less than 12 hours later I received an email informing me that my Global Entry status was approved.

Next trip, no lines on entry. Go right to the Global Entry kiosk and scan my passport! Since you get 5 years of TSAPre as part of the the $100 fee, I think it will be $15 well spent.

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I followed the same procedure you did, except at JFK. I was finished in less than 30 minutes--no one was ahead of me in line. When I returned to Pittsburgh, I cancelled my appointment scheduled a few months out.

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It's a great reminder to people, thank you for posting.

I likewise did mine that way, in Atlanta. However I had a two-hour wait !!! I had a three-hour layover, though, so it was worth it to me. I had my email by the time I got home that evening !! And received the card a few days later.

It sure is convenient for those of us who don't live near a big place where they do these interviews.

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We did this too on a connecting EU-US flight reentry 3 years ago. It was the first time we’d flown through Detroit coming back but we asked for a GE interview at the immigration station and they sent us to a separate agent who did our interview, fingerprints etc. The only thing that was different about our process was that I asked the agent if he or we could cancel our scheduled SFO interview that wasn’t to happen for several months and he said, no don’t worry about it. When I got home I still tried to cancel our booked interview but I didn’t see that it was possible and I felt sorry for all those people, me included who scrambled to find a bookable time near them. We were so happy with our quick, on the spot interview upon return that day.

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I've mentioned in earlier Global Entry discussions and will reiterate here that if you're having trouble setting up an in-person interview from the website but you happen to live near a large institution that does a lot of int'l transactions, like a national lab or an industrial/tech park, consider calling the personnel office at the institution and finding out if they have their own itinerary with Global Entry interviews -- my institution does, and the Customs people come and take over a conference room periodically to do interviews, saving everyone the trouble of going to an airport.

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I do have a question. Does all US airports that handle international travel have the ability to handle a GE interview or is only the airports that have a GE office? Thanks.

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We live on the northern gulf coast and are primarily served by regional airports; two of the three regional airports in our area conduct global entry interviews. I think we have more global entry locations because we have several port cities along a main east-west interstate thus several customs / border control offices.

In February last year, our family of four applied for global entry. We were able to complete our global entry interviews in less than one month after application approval. When we first scheduled our interviews they were two-three months out which was cutting it close with our travel plans. However, I checked the appointment schedule each morning and would see openings, so we had all of ours finished (scheduled at different times and places) with cards in hand in less than a month.
Sorry, this was the long version of suggesting there may be other smaller airports, albeit further away, that have appointments available.

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Ok looking for an opinion on this
I don’t fly internationally a lot. At most once a year. I already have TSApre so in order to get Global Entry I would basically have to redo/pay for what I already have.
To me it does not seam worth it at this time.
When my current plan comes up for renewal it may be logical at that point to go with the Global Entry.
Does that seam logical or does Global entry save more time then I think it does.

I typically fly into Detroit and the seams to go pretty fast. At least it has so far for me.

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No all airports receiving international flights do not have the option of doing the interview upon arrival.

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Douglas.....whether or not you apply is up to you. CPB suggest if you only travel internationally once a year it may not be worth the hassle of getting it.

If you're in Michigan, have you looked at applying for Nexus? You get Global Entry benefits with it.

I go in and out of the country a few times a years so GE has been a true necessity for me.

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I wound up having my interview at the US/Canada border in north Minnesota. It was a pleasant 3 hour drive and I got to visit Grand Portage State Park, with its gorgeous 120 ft. waterfall. I was the only one at the border station and it went very quickly. To anyone that lives close to a US border, it's a nice option.

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Am I reading this right? Nexus is only $50 and includes Global Entry which costs $100?
Or am I missing something.
And they are talking 12-14 months to get approved.

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You're reading it right. Nexus is half the price of Global Entry but it's taking twice as long to be approved.

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I interviewed on arrival at DFW 15 days ago; got my PASSID ; and was told I’d get something in the mail in about 5 days. I have not received anything and the website is not showing that I have completed my interview. I’ve called several numbers at the DFW Global Entry Office but either no one answers and the call fails or it says the inbox is full.
I also sent an email through the website a few days ago and have not heard anything. Has anyone else had this problem and found a solution or is this normal? I’d appreciate any advice. Thanks.