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Universal adaptor for Murren Switzerland

I am curious if I really need to purchase a universal adaptor for my stay in Murren for my RS GAS tour. I am just checking my list one last time and this is the only thing on my list I do not have. I have plenty of standard European adaptors but I have never been to Switzerland.

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If you have standard European Plug Adaptors with the two round pins, you don't need to buy a "universal adaptor". If you're travelling with any appliances that also have a grounding pin and you want to use a grounded connection, then this model is the correct one......

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I disagree that Switerland uses the same configuration as the rest of Europe. Although it's possible to get an electrical connection using a plug from a different part of Europe, it will not be safe and it won't fit properly. You need a specific diamond-shaped plug. But rather than buying one in advanced, your hotel can probably provide the proper adaptor if you ask.

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No, the Swiss plugs are not the same. As said above, you may be able to make it work but it won't be right.

Your GAS hotel should be able to help with a suitable adapter.

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In an earlier post, you had already determined that your hotel did have some adaptors to loan. Here's more info from one of our GAS tour guides:
They do have adaptors available and so far it has not been a problem for my tour members; they have used them here and there. Also, the Swiss plug in, as you know looks like this <> . But at the Hotel Jungfrau where our GAS tours always stay, this type of plug in is in the bathroom only and they supply hairdryers.
All other plug ins in the hotel rooms will fit our 2 prong adaptor no problem for computer, cell phone and other chargers etc.

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Thank you everyone for all your assistance in this matter about adaptor use in Switzerland.

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The So. Europe adapter (Europlug) I got at Ace Hardware will fit in the Swiss receptacles because the rounded ends are fairly small, but my older Europlug has bigger rounded ends and would not fit. So some Europlugs might fit. Better to get a Swiss one. If you have this "universal adapter" from Rick, it looks like it is designed for Switzerland.