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Understanding how to make phone calls in UK with a French phone number

My spouse and I will be in the UK next month and each have Orange Card eSims in our iPhones and each be assigned French phone numbers such as +33 06 37 xx xx xx.

While in UK and calling a UK phone number, such as + 44 74 95 xx xx xx , do I drop the +44, do I add a zero or what???

How would I call my spouse’s phone number who also will have a +33 assigned phone number?

When calling home to a Nashville, TN number such as 615- 878- xxxx, do I dial 01 first before the 615 number or how would I dial?

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The phone network thinks you are in France, so dial like you were in France. I guess you don't dial from a cell phone, but you know what I mean. Just dial + then the number with the country code.

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Two things that might help.

Put phone numbers you are likely to use in your "contacts" on your phone. Then use that to dial for you. It "knows" to put the "+".

Or to actually dial you hold down the "zero" key for a moment until it changes into the "+" and then type area code and number so the Nashville number is then +1 615 878 xxxx

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To elaborate on Sam’s response, as 44 is the UK country code, you will need to include it; do not drop the 44.

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Sorry for interrupting again, but I think that overseas calls through regular landlines to UK will be outrageously expensive. I used to call via WhatsApp using +44 prefix as usual, but this year we installed as in my business it is important to have a reliable connection with my partners in the UK at all times.

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For your UK calls, dial +44, drop the leading zero, then dial the number. For example, if the London phone number is 0207 123 4567, you would dial +44 207 123 4567.
For your US example, dial +1 615 878 xxxx

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the easiest thing is to let the phone do the heavy lifting - you paid enough for it (says he who did too)

Put the numbers in your Contacts, or if they are there already modify them, include + and country code, an iPhone will help you do it right, and just dial from contacts. The phone will know what it is doing and where it is and invisibly, poof, it will connect you.

Same trick works with WhatsApp, an app well worth having this side of the pond.

Be careful. Before Brexit all UK phones roamed throughout EU and calls came out of the normal allowance, and French and other EU phones roamed into the UK.

Since damn Brexit only a couple of UK providers still roam in EU at home rates, most charge much higher. What is good for the goose is good for the gander and I don't know but I expect it is likely that the French (Orange) and other EU providers have taken reciprocal actions.

Read the fine print of your deal.