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Turning a RS audio file OFF on my iphone5

How do I do that ?

I just downloaded my first RS audio guide file to my iphone5 which is using ios6.

I've figured out how to start and pause the audio, but I can't figure out how to stop the file entirely, midway thru it. When I click the close icon at upper left while its playing, it stops. But when I go back to the playlist, it's still lurking in the background and all I can do to it is simply "un pause" it and continue to let it run its course.

Can someone tell me please how to just turn the ---- thing completely OFF, as in its not operating AT ALL until/unless I tell it to start over later (maybe days from now)?!

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Ok thx. I guess that'll work. It still seems a bit odd to me though that each audio file doesn't have it's own "off" switch.

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Very little on an iPhone has an "off switch"; the way to turn things "completely off" is to close them as George describes. If you don't close things this way, they will all be lurking in the background, ready to be restarted where you left off. That's just the way the iPhone works. When you go to close the RS app, you will see all the other apps you opened, and you'll see what I mean.