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Traveling to Italy and Greece - where to buy cell phone?

Hi - I will be traveling to Italy and Greece where should I buy a cell phone for use in Italy and Greece? In Italy? Or in Greece? Is it better to buy a cell phone at the airport? Or should I buy a cell phone in Rome? Or Athens or Olympia Greece?

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Do you currently have a cell phone you like? If so you might be able to buy a Italian or Greek SIM card for it so you can economically use it there. You’ll need to ask about your specific phone and service provider to see if this will work (some phones are “locked” and you can’t get a new SIM).

If you don’t have one, what do you want to use a new one for? Just calls within Europe? Calling home? Texting? Internet and apps?

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Google Fi has opened up to work on a lot of phones. For $30 or so per month you can get a plan that works all over Europe with cell and data. Then cancel after you get back.

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Thanks everyone.
I have an iPhone 5 with consumer cellular.
I don’t know if I will be taking it with me. If I do I may use it for pictures only.
Consumer cellular international service is to expensive.
I’m thinking of buying a GoPro camerawork pixs.
If I buy a phone in Italy - I will primarily use it for safety, calls, texting with my travel companions, perhaps maps and checking the Internet occasionally.

Are phones country specific or can they be used throughout Europe meaning France Italy and Greece?

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You must need a SIM card. I paid 25€ for one for a month in Italy last fall. So easy. Put your US carrier SIM card in a safe place such as with your jewelry and put it back in your phone on your flight home.