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Travel with medical devices

I use a BiPap machine and am trying to find out what problems I might have when traveling in Europe...Switzerland, Austria, Italy & France.
U.S. airlines allow you to take a BiPap machine as a carry-on without any problems and don't count it as carry-on baggage. I'm having difficulties finding info on how European airlines ( especially discount carriers ) treat devices like this and canes. I looked at Hop! and RyanAir web sites but could not find any helpful info. Would it count as your only allowed carry-on item?
I'm assuming trains don't care, but could be wrong.
Anyone have any info that would help in this regard?

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Michael, You are correct that it doesn't matter on the train. As for your question about the low-cost airlines, I do suggest that you ask this question on the General Europe forum where more people are likely to see it. This one is for "tips" so fewer people might see it.

Hop is a subsidiary of Air France, so the Air France/Delta/KLM reservation center may be able to answer.

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I did post on the other forum as recommended and got several replies

In addition I finally got a reply from HOP! airlines after 2 emails and was notified that a CPAP OR BIPAP machine can be carried on board and not be counted against the carry on luggage limit...but they want to know the flight and booking number ( I suspect they will notify the crew ).
I'll keep the other forum updated with further progress.

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Hey great..!! It's good to hear that you got the reply and the positive one. Along with this device, you must keep some emergency contact details with you. You must get yourself diagnosed before you travel and keep a record of the first aid you may require when there is an emergency. Many companies provide air ambulatory services too to help the on board patients. You must have information about them too. :)