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Travel planning app

I’m planning a trip to Europe for a group of 12 of my family members. Is there a good app that we can all access that is useful for both the planning of the trip and also during the trip?

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I use TripItPro for every trip I take. Can’t imagine not using it.

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Agree that TripIt makes coordination easier -- every time the planner updates an item, everyone gets a revised file. File is stored off-line, so Wi-Fi is not needed to check it on the road.
I like that you can forward your hotel confirmations and don't need to retype everything.
Good luck with your planning !!

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We used the free version of TripIt which was very helpful. Last year I upgraded to the Pro version to receive real-time notifications of airline gate changes, which terminal for departure, etc. that always notifies me earlier than the actual airline.

I even use it as my preliminary plans, filling in activities that might be interesting during my planning stage. Later I delete several and update the ones I’m keeping with actual dates. I’ve found it much easier to just have everything in one place.

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You're very brave to take the responsibility for planning an European trip for 12 people. And it's even worse that they're family members.
Do yourself a favor and #1 is to figure out where you'd like to visit. Remember that traveling slowly is better than seeing too many places.
Then go find yourself a really good travel agent that's familiar with European travel. (Most agents now are cruise specialists.) All travel agents are not created equal, especially since the internet has essentially changed the industry.

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I also like TripIt for managing an itinerary.

For managing the details of my activities - sights, transit options, website URLs, open hours, costs, snippets of maps and images - I use the online version of OneNote, which I can access from my PC, phone or tablet. I can share the notebook with others, with or without edit privileges. I create a notebook for each trip, which effectively becomes my personal guidebook for my trip.

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I had not heard of TripIt or this family of apps, thanks for the clues, folks.

I wonder what the IT folks in the Rick Steves organization might be considering for their group support software. Everyone has a phone but not everyone in the group will have data access. So, issues to cope with. But I'll bet they're working on something.

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I am using a travel agent who has helped my husband and I with an Italy trip several years ago and we have our route for this trip mapped out already. I’m going to try the TripIt app. I was also surprised that Rick Steves doesn’t have a travel planning app. Thanks so much for all of your thoughts and well wishes!

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I also use Tripit and it's terrific. You can invite the others accompanying you on this trip to be either 'viewers' or 'travelers', depending on whether or not you would like to allow them to contribute to the planning process or just take a look at what already is planned. Everyone you send an invitation to can see the entire itinerary and all the day by day plans for the trip, if they accept your invite. Also airline and hotel bookings. It also offers maps and airport information. It seems to me as if this app would suit your needs perfectly and is the one I personally have experience with. I know there are several others out there. You will have to see which recommendations suit your needs best.

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I also use Triplt. Also there exist Inspirock, Google Trips, TripHobo, Roadtrippers, ViaMichelin (the last two apps are mostly for road trips).