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Travel Journal App recommendations

I'm traveling to Ireland in 2 weeks and I'm looking for the best app to document my trip and make it easier to share with others. I looked at several, for example, drifter, penzu, daybook, but none wowed me. I am a techno-geek, writer and photographer, so what recommendations does anyone have. I use an android phone, but I have an ipad as well.


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I use Day One. If you take a picture with your phone you can use it to create an entry which will show where you were on a map and the current weather. You can add as much text as you wish. For a reasonable anual fee it will sync between devices.
I just checked. Unfortunately Day One only works on Apple devices.

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Another vote for Day One. Love the UI and the fact that I can draw... although I still bring a handy notebook for most of that.

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I ended up using the travel diaries app I don’t recommend it. It is geared toward printing the diary at the end of one's trip. It also does not work at all on a smart phone and doesn’t work very well on an iPad. It forces you to choose very constrictive page layouts which are difficult to work with because you often have to crop your photos or use vertical photos when you may not have any for that topic. You also can’t put captions on your pictures. My primary goal was to share my travel adventures online with friends. This app was inordinately time consuming. I did send it off to get printed. It’s extremely expensive and I haven’t gotten it yet.

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I've been using THIS travel journal for the last few years and it seems to work reasonably well. A bunch of TravelPod users migrated to the site after TravelPod ceased operation.

I've looked at THIS TRAVEL APP also but haven't used it yet.