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Travel Calendar Template

I want to put the details of my European trip on an easy to read online calendar with enough room to write details such as location, hotel, sights. My traveling companion in another state needs to be able to access it too. I have researched this and found that there are several options- I would prefer a free one if possible. What technology site should I use so that both of us can see it and manipulate it ?

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i go solo, so sharing isnt in my wiring.

but ive been buying/trying new toys and such so this year i bought a smart phone to try and use instead of a 3 ring 1.5" binder.

if you have a gmail account, you can use the calendar app there and on your e device if you have one. Google is trying to make sharing info easier. YOu can create your own special calendar when you log in.

i more or less added all of my things in it for this trip. Eventhough the calandar app isnt that great for things like hotel/flights and such, im using it in my own way to "make do" and have all the info in one spot so i dont have to bounce around the www for everything.

in the calendar app, you can:

  • title
  • large description/text box where you can add info like name, address, phone, web address, hours
  • a spot for the web address
  • link to a map/google maps

what is limited is that if you create a appointment on your e device, you cant change it on the PC.

happy trails.

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We agree with Dick. Tripit is a good place to start.

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I use the Goggle calender and you can share it and allow the other persons to make changes. It is simple and easy. We actually a master family calender that is shared by two sons in different locations and ourselves. All significant travel plans and other events go into the family so we have a general idea of where everyone is.