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Tile bluetooth phone finder for children

Has anyone used the Tile Bluetooth Phone and key finder on their children? A little freaked out about having a toddler and a 4 year old in big crowds and big places in Europe and this seems like a good way to at least have some piece of mind of finding them in a subway station or someplace like that. We are taking kid leashes but just in case, you know how kids are, Houdini was really a toddler that never lost his escape skills.


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As long as you have a way to attach it securely, I don't see a problem with it. I gave Tiles to all of my 20-something relatives for Christmas, and they love them. But if your kids wander off in a crowd and you set off the Tile and it starts playing music, you might not be able to hear it. It's not very loud. The map could be of some assistance, I guess.

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I have transferred Ellen either three children under six. You ARE over stressing. One of my boys had yes, a runner. You are still over worrying. You only have two, one in a stroller, one holding hands, or throw me in stroller too,, it's no more difficult then when you take them to the mall at home.

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Actually have 5 children that will be travelling with, most worried about the little ones. Might try it. Got a few months to mull it over.

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I have a Tile attached to a hotspot that I sometimes misplace, and it's really helpful. However, the tone is very soft and you wouldn't hear it in a large or noisy public place. If you want some kind of audio alert, how about a very small flip phone tucked away in a sealed pocket or backpack?