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This is an interesting idea.....

I just received a bulletin describing a new type of Camera that will be released shortly. It's designed to operate with an iPhone and with the larger optical lenses and sensor, will overcome some of the limitations inherent in camera phones. The design includes an f/1.8 aperture which is great, and also sophisticated image processing software. As might be expected, this first version is a bit pricey at $599 each, but I expect the cost will decrease in time.

In looking at the description, I have to wonder how well the ergonomics have been tested, and whether this will be easy-to-use in the "real world". Unfortunately it will only be available in the U.S. initially, so not an option for me (not that I can afford it anyway). Here's the link....

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Seems unwieldy and fairly inconvenient. Why not just buy a Samsung Galaxy Camera 2?

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Very interesting, Ken. It would cast my lowly 4s into obsolescence (I could adjust...) as it needs a 5 or 6 to work with. We have watched the 'should I bring my DSLR to Europe?' answers evolve a bit in the last couple of years, these sorts of things will accelerate that. Very tempting-wanna go halves? It could be a shared custody arrangement ;-)

As for why not a Galaxy, I personally have not heard such rave reviews for the Galaxy as for the iPhone, though I may not be paying close enough attention. But it does seem that as far as marketing strategy, the iPhone crowd tends more to the "creative" demographic than does the Android crowd, so that's probably why they started there, imo.

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At $599 I would buy two just in case I left one lying around.

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For less money you can buy the SonyRX100 (Mark 1 or 2). It is pocket sized, has a big sensor size, lots of megapixels and shoots better than any Nikon SLR camera I've ever owned. The latest model (Mark 4) shoots 4k video but I really don't need that yet so I'm sticking with my mark 2. :)

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That is interesting! Pretty impressive specs on paper. I read it may use the same 1" sensor as the Sony RX100.

Here is a link to some articles discussing the DXO One:

I snap a lot of shots. I would be concerned about battery life (and memory storage). If I was walking around with the iPhone screen on, I am afraid that I would burn out the iPhone battery well before my day is done.