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Theft-proof way to carry an iPhone 6?

How do you carry the newer, larger smart phones, such as the iPhone 6 and 6Plus so that they are less vulnerable to pickpockets and Apple-pickers?

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Put it in the secure pocket in your secore purse, or shoulder bag. Don't flash it around like you are trying to show everyone you've got one.

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What Monte said, and.....

I don't have an iPhone 6. I do have an iPhone 5 and a iPad mini. I use a Patagonia mini-mass messenger bag and I carry my iPhone and iPad mini in that, everywhere. The bag hangs by my side with my arm on it 90% of the time. It is secure. When i need to, crowded subways and buses, I shift it more towards the front of me. I am aware of my surroundings. I sit in cafes, drink wine, and take advantage of free wifi with my iPad. I use it on trains, etc. If i need to use the bath room it goes in my messenger bag and goes with me, unless I am with someone who will keep and eye on it.

People all over Europe also have expensive cell phones and iPads.

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Nothing is theft proof, especially kept in your pocket. Put it in your bag, using normal precautions, and the fact that it's bigger than an iphone 4 or 5 shouldn't make a difference.

I wouldn't worry about having it out and using it as normal. These things are all over Europe, gone are the days when having a nice phone made you a target. About 80% of the people around you will also have their phones out, and many of these will be iphone 6s.

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Depending on when your traveling, if you are going to be wearing a blazer store it in the inside pocket close to your chest. I've been to Spain and Italy and never had one problem........except with the gypsys watch them!!!!! The trains stations are there hives!!!!

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gone are the days when having a nice phone made you a target.

I'm not sure that I completely agree with that concept on the ground in Europe.

Maybe people no longer steal phones in the part of the world where that poster lives but it certainly ain't true in Europe.

I saw an official police statistic two weeks ago that just over 330,000 mobile phone thefts were reported just in London alone last year. That's not far off a thousand a day.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor, believes it is higher, The Mayor of London Boris Johnson wrote to eight companies – including Apple, Samsung and Google – stating that 10,000 handsets were stolen every month in London

I have no reason to believe that other major European cities are dramatically better in that respect.

Keep it out of sight, be aware of your surroundings, don't drink and mobile, don't have it hanging out of your pockets.

There is NO theft proof way. Be aware of the risks and take steps like ensuring your kill switch is switched on.

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In Boston when riding the MBTA it is recommended that you don't sit near a door, as there are many grab and run phone/tablet thefts. I imagine this would apply to any subway/bus system. Also, that little wrist strap is handy, just in case…

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Coming a little late to this thread, but you may wish to check out the products from the SCOTTeVEST company. They produce a series of jackets and fleeces designed for travel with lots of hidden/inside pockets, including some designed specifically for smart phones. I find that their products have replaced my traditional travel vests. They serve much the same purpose -- it is amazing how much you can shove into one of them -- but have a much lower profile. While nothing can completely prevent you from being robbed, I think these do a good job of hiding what you have.

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Starting point is don't bring anything you can't afford to lose. If you do bring a "device" it's best not too store critical personal data on the device.

If you don't want to be Apple-picked, secure the device as you would your passport or other critical item. The only thing more vulnerable than waving the device around is waving it around on a selfie stick.

PS. Haven't heard of any one losing a Rick Steve's Guidebook to a snach and grab.

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Let's start the rumor that most phones are stolen while taking selfies!

On the serious side, my hubby leaves his phone in the hotel room safe during the day. Don't always carry it by default, and you can enjoy your surroundings without worrying about device theft.

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I use pants made by "", these are made for travelers to prevent pick pocketing, since I have been using them I have not even worried about losing my wallet or phone or anything else. The pants are made from nylon, feel great and can be washed in the bathroom sink and they dry in 4-6 hours. I also use their shorts for summer time travels. This has made traveling much easier for me.

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"I use pants made by "", these are made for travelers to prevent pick pocketing"

Unfortunately, Clothing Arts doesn't make pants for those of us that are a bit "larger", so their products are useless for a segment of travellers.

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I was concerned about using my iPhone for taking photos or navigating while in Paris...until I got there and was amazed at how typical it seemed for people (Parisians and tourists) to walk around with their phones in hand. When I wasn't using it, I kept mine zipped in my purse, or zipped in my pants pocket (Eddie Bauer Travex capris - my favorite!).

On our last day in Paris, we took a bus to Gare de Lyon. I saw a sign on the bus stating in several languages "Your mobile phone is a valuable item. So valuable that others would like to get their hands on it, too. Please take care when using it in public. More than half of the assaults occurring on the public transport system..." I couldn't read the rest of the English message on my picture of this sign just now - but the gist of it from the French part was that more than half of the assaults are for the purpose of stealing mobile phones.

We were careful, kept our phones hidden away on the Metro and in other crowded areas, and all was well. We felt a sense of relief when we got to a mountain village in Switzerland that we could let down our guard a bit after our vigilance in Paris! :-)