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Technology in Europe

Based on our experience of moving to Italy and using technology to stay in touch, I added a post to Barley’s blog that has as list of options with “how to” instructions. Certainly not inclusive and most options work great for short-term vacationers also.

Barley’s Grand Adventures -technology

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I’ve only had a chance to skim over the post but it looks well thought out and written. Thank you.

Does Barley get his own phone? 😏

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Great post, thank you. I love my offline Google maps, especially when I rent a car. The accuracy still amazes me.

For my short term travel (not living in Europe) I use wifi calling from the hotel to stay in touch with home. With that, and the ever-expanding availability of wifi, I haven't bought an international plan on my most recent trips. But I know I would manage some trips differently if I had non-wifi access to things like Uber. One of these trips I'll step up my "technology in Europe" game and buy a local SIM card. So thanks for the details!

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No Barley is low tech and doesn’t have us own phone!

I’ve added one more section to the Post regarding VPN’s and our experience.

If anyone has any feed back where clarifications are needed, let me know so I can update.

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Thank you for your post and blog announcement!

I do agree with you that things improved dramatically over the past few years. WiFi is everywhere now and in case you don't need regular connection and is a money saver for sure!

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Question for you Karen.

You moves there in August, so for now your California Driver’s license along with the IDP will work, but after 12 months of residency you must obtain an Italian license by law. Driving a car in Italy with a foreign license after 12 months of residency carries very stiff fines

Assuming you plan to live in Verbania over one year, are you planning to get an Italian license soon?

If you do, I suggest you start the process quickly. The exam is really hard now after the passage of the new motor vehicle code in 2003 (unfortunately my Italian license has long expired so I’ll need to get a brand new one myself). If you don’t pass the test the first time, you are allowed only one retry one month later. Also, after you are newly licensed in Italy, you are restricted to the type of vehicles you can drive for the first year.

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Roberto, we became residents on Nov 14, and are aware our US licenses are only valid for a year after residency. One reason we chose a town with a train station. And we have no plans to buy a car until we return to the US at some point.