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Technology help please

I’m technology deficient so I’m hoping someone can advise me. My question is not travel related but relates to my iPhone.
What is your opinion of ad blocker apps? Helpful? Not so much? Do you have a favorite? Or don’t use?
Thanks for your help.

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I have never used an ad blocker, I guess I find it easy enough to ignore ads.

A number of small, independent websites mention that ads make it possible for them to exist.

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I use 1 Blocker - available in the App Store - on my iphone and iPad. Very happy with the results and the la+I of major annoyances. Doesn’t get rid of everything but speeds up downloads and viewing.

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I should add that I don’t Safari browser. I prefer and set up Chrome as my default. Descriptions in the App Store mainly refer to ad blockers in Safari. Does anyone else use Chrone with an ad blocker app? And which app?

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I use Adblocker with chrome. Love it some sites are so full of ads...more ads than content