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tablet for travelling...which one ?

My girlfriend is looking to buy a tablet. We know that Apple got the best tablet avaible but we are looking for the one to get for her usage :

1) 9-10 inch (we already got a 7 inch nexus fhd)

2) reading : E-books, magazine, electronic newspaper (Lapresse+)

3) Movie watching

We're goins in a one month trip in Germany this summer and she wants something to carry movies, read and small gaming.

Right now we are thorn between 2 thing (more or less the same price):

Samsung tabs s2 (32 gb, can add sd card, use to android tablet with the nexus)

Ipad air 2 64 refurbished ( Apple still got the best tablet, exclusive app). We read that refurb is as good as new is it true ?

Thanks !

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"This is a controversial statement, to say the least."

Perhaps controversial elsewhere, but not in these forums. Far more i-phones and i-tablets are referenced here than their Android counterparts. What does that say about the Ricknics?

Two studies, just for laughs:

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My intention was not to start a debate ! If you can show me a better tablet tnat the I pad auir 2 go ahead i,m all ears open ! I,m not an Apple fanboy, Both pour cell phone are Android, my 7 inch tablet is an Android. In fact the only Apple product i've buy in the pass is an old genretaion of Ipod touch.

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I was happy with my Samsung Tab S (8.4") in Europe last summer. Check the weight of anything you are considering, and don't forget that a protective case will make it a bit heavier. I definitely wouldn't want anything larger than mine. It fits in a good-size purse, but you sure as heck know you're carrying it. If the tablet is only for use in the hotel or on trains, perhaps it wouldn't matter so much.

Get the largest SD card the tablet will accept (and check ahead of time to know what that is, before you make your purchase decision). Really heavy consumers of video might also want a large USB key with an OTG connector.

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If you keep an eye on sale sites such as and, you can pick up a good deal on a tablet. It won't be the latest model, but it will meet your needs. It will probably be cheap enough that you won't be too upset if it gets lost, damaged, or stolen .

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I've been programming since 1964 and using a PC since the early 80s. I've never found anything I wanted to do that I couldn't do just fine on a non-Apple computer, just for a lot less.

I think that the least expensive solution that satisfies your needs is the one you should use.

My latest mobile computer is an ASUS transformer. You can get a new one for a lot less than a refurbished iPad, and it has a detachable keypad. I touch type so I get very annoyed with the phony keypad on most tablets. I also like being able to save sensitive info and pictures to a flash card that I can take out and store securely.

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I have used Apple and android, Kindle Fire, Kobo e-reader, Nook tablet, and a variety of cellphones, smart and otherwise. I like Apple products best and usually buy refurbished directly from Apple or brand new. The refurbished models have always been indistinguishable from brand new and worked just fine until I lost them or traded them in for newer. Good luck with whatever you decide!

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I have had two refurbished Ipads and had no issues with either of them so going that route seems fine with me.

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I buy Apple, but the discounted, discontiuned models or customer returns. I keep and use them for long time. Be aware that Apple typically suspends the supply of original spares and repair services seven years after the product was discontinued. Getting the battery replaced by an authorised reseller is doable and cheaper than people think, in particular for older models with strong competition from independent repair shops.

In some hotels, the free wifi may have a weak signal or may not provide sufficient bandwith to stream a movie in real time. I carry a wifi repeater. Apple, Kindle Fire, Windows and Android are linked with different environments for buying or renting content. Apple iOS allow no external SD cards. The models with large flash drives are expensive. If you want carry lots of movies with you, I would advise against Apple.

A separate e-book reader with non-reflective, backlit e-ink display adds about 200g, but is better for books and text-heavy newspapers or magazines, has much longer battery life.

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We use everything!

I have to agree that using our iPad is the most enjoyable. It just works. Ours is an older iPad 3 and it still gets OS updates which is nice. Lots of consistent support for many years.

I carry a 7 inch Samsung tablet. I'll probably never buy a Samsung again because samsung never provided any direct update in Canada. I had to go on the internet and find one update from UK. No way to update further unless I root (need to have some tech skills to do this and risk bricking your device). If you want to get an Android tablet, I always advise to get a Nexus so that you will get updates for at least a few years.

Just bought a Kobo reader for wife who is an avid reader. No glare in sunlight, easier on the eyes for reading. Battery lasts over a month.

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I think an iPad because if you run into any issues, I think there are more Apple helpers. Also, have spent time on both an iPad and Android tablet and prefer the Apple experience.