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T-mobile Magenta Plan in France

I’m just affirming what others have said on this forum about T-mobile working great in France. I have the basic Magenta Plan and did not buy the international data upgrade. So, there has no additional cost to me to use my phone in France or the need to buy a different SIM card. The data has worked just fine for my needs - google maps, checking out a restaurant website before heading there. The data speed has been the same as what I have at home in Oregon. I do use Wi-Fi in my accommodations and when it’s available in public spaces.

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I agree! Had no issues last October; however, I will probably add their $35 10 day plan to boost speed, and since I'm going solo again the next time, I always talk to my husband daily, so I usually spent $15/trip just on those calls to him (yes, I know about Whatsapp, etc., but he's not the most tech savvy person).

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you don't have to be that tech savvy to use Whatsapp, you load the app onto your phone, create an account and when you get a call or text you just answer it like a "regular" call or text. I had never used it before but my friend went to Europe and called and texted me on it just fine.

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Thanks for this. I'm planning to switch to T-Mobile from AT&T before my upcoming trip mostly so I don't have to deal with a daily international plan upcharge, etc.

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Currently (summer of 2022), if switching to t-Mobile is an option, it is the way to go.

Just got back from Germany in the last 24 hours... family of four adults were there three week... the biggest regret I had was not switching from Verizon before we left. Huge and expensive mistake. No one on customer service was any help with sim cards once you told them you were already in Europe. They hung up on me three times. (And yes I verified all the phone were unlocked before leaving the US). Their international plan wound up costing our family nearly $500 for the three weeks (including extra data for navigating).

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Yep! I dropped Verizon after several terrible and expensive experiences during trips to Europe. Hi rates and poor customer service. I going with T-Mobile this fall for the first time. Hope it works.

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Switched from ATT to T-Mobile in April before May trip to France. Worked great in France for checking email and iMessage and GPS and browsing internet. Did not try to stream video except when on wifi. Very glad I switched. Don’t know why ATT and Verizon make so difficult and expensive to travel with their services.

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I have used T-Mobile in Spain and Portugal this Spring with no issues. So easy. They just send you a welcome text upon arrival. No activation required. I have heard in general it works as well in France but have no experience. Of note though is they recently upped the data speed for Magenta and Magenta Max plans. No need to purchase the higher data speed unless you use more than 5 GB Calls are .25 per minute
From their website...

Unlimited text and up to 5GB of high-speed data in 11 countries, then unlimited data at up to 256Kbps in 210+ countries and destinations

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Thank you for this post. I have used my Magenta Max T Mobile plan in 28 countries and it worked well in all of them with no charge except for a couple of short phone calls ($0.25/min). It is nice not to have to worry about getting a SIM card and also not worrying about when to use a $10 pass on ATT.

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I switched from Verizon to T-Mobile’s Magenta plan this summer because of the international plan’s inclusion. I didn’t have any problems in Portugal (once I realized that I had to turn on roaming). It worked great and saved me the daily $10 Verizon charge.

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I also have T-Mobile and used it Germany this past summer. No issues. I have the Magenta Max plan and got 5GB of high speed data each month. I got lucky because my trip spanned the end of June and beginning of July, so I had 10 GB of data to use.

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I brought this up a while back, but it sort hit home this past week. When I go on line with my AirBnb wifi the world thinks I am in Europe so some American content isn't available, and more often than not sites like Google Flights will show pricing in Hungarian Forunts.

Switch to my TMobile and tge world thinks I am in the US and life returns to normal.