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T mobile international calling question

I just switched to T-mobile. Every thread plus T-Mobile's website say calls are 25 cents a minute but the guy in the store said that was only between T-Mobile accounts/phones (and to call others I would need to buy an international plan). I have not heard or read that anywhere, and really don't see how that could be as it says it includes landlines and landlines are not T-mobile - so I'm hoping the guy was just wrong but wanted to check.

Those of you who have used T-mobile in Europe to make calls - were they really just 25 cents a minute regardless of who you called? (I know only in 210 countries, but where I'm going/calling is included in those).


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I have had a T-Mobile account since January. The man in the store told me that international calls were 25 cents per minute. Period. Nothing about only for calls to other T-Mobile accounts.

I have not tried this out yet because I try to use only texting which is free.

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On an 11 day trip to Europe in January, I had $22 extra charges over and above the normal $60 per month charge for 2 lines. That was my wife and I calling each other (she was on the trip), calls to other people on the trip with different carriers, calls to European land lines and mobil lines. That sounds about right for 25 cents per minute.

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The person at my store honestly knew so little about the international benefits that it was hysterical. If I hadn't done my own research I would have just walked out.

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I've had T-Mobile for years. It's 25 cents per minute for a call anywhere when you are traveling internationally unless you are connected to Wifi, then it's free. I called through wifi with it set to airplane settings but I'm drawing a blank on whether I needed to do something special to set that up. That was part of my husband's duties-he does logistics and electronics for trips and I do all of the planning :).

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Yes, the salesman was mistaken. It's 25 cents per minute anywhere to anyone, unless you're on Wi-Fi calling.

This is a common issue with phone companies, banks, etc. Unless the employee has actually traveled themselves, they know shockingly little about how their product actually works in other countries, and will often give wrong information.

If you bought your phone through T-Mobile, it should be capable of Wi-Fi calling. Just be sure when overseas to set it on "Wi-Fi calling preferred" instead of "cellular network preferred."

If you bought your phone from a source other than T-Mobile, it may or may not allow Wi-Fi calling. I speak as someone who failed to check, and so got a phone that did not. If yours also does not, you can make free calls to US numbers over Wi-Fi through Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts Dialer. It's just not as easy as using the same dialing app all the time, and unlike T-Mobile's Wi-Fi Calling, it's not free to call numbers outside the US (you need to add credit first).

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Yes the salespeople do know surprisingly little (ATT guys are even worse, and yeah, same with banks). So thanks for confirming about the 25 cents.

My phones do have wifi calling - but here's another thing. When I was trying to confirm about the 25 cents I asked one of my students who has worked at T-mobile for 9 years. She checked with her manager who she says "knows absolutely everything" and was told that a very new policy (only weeks old) is that for wifi calling while in Europe it's free to a US number but $3 a minute to use wifi calling to a European number. I don't really see that as a problem since the few times I'll call a European number (hotels, restaurants) I will just use 'regular' (25cents) calling but just another thing to have to pay attention to.

Deb - you are so luck - I have to do planning, logistics and electronics. My husband does carry heavy stuff so I guess that's something.

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I spend 6-8 months a year in Europe and use T-Mobile. Calls are 25 cents a minute. However, when WiFi is available, I use Skype. Calls are about 2 cents a minute and toll free calls back to the U.S are free.

When you enter a new country you will get a welcome text reminding you of the cost. (Unlimited texts and 2G data are free.)