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T-Mobile increases international data speeds

T-Mobile announced that it is increasing the free (or included as part of your plan) data speeds you can get while traveling outside the U.S. Apparently it depends on which plan you are under so it may take some investigation. I have an older plan so it is not readily apparent if it applies to me.

It is also increasing the free wifi access available to its customers on planes. T-Mobile data, wifi, and gas discount

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Good! I've been quite happy with TMobile in several countries until this year--in Spain last month I had to add extra speed to my plan when in the past it had worked fine. Their customer service was also severely lacking when we needed tech support. They really needed to do something to regain my trust.

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T-mobile has 5G plans available, so the same 5G should work where available in Europe (i.e., where there is 5G coverage), I would think. Your phone has to be up-to-date (new models, like iPhone 12 and above) to support the highest speeds.

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Good to know. Thanks for the update. I'm planning to use T-Mobile for the first time overseas next month.

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T-mobile has 5G plans available, so the same 5G should work where
available in Europe (i.e., where there is 5G coverage), I would think

While your phone will be able to connect to a 5G tower, the cell provider will internally throttle the speed down to 2G/3G speeds.

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I have used them internationally for years and years and years.


T-Mobile says that Magenta Max customers (and Business Unlimited
Ultimate customers) will get 5GB of high-speed data each month in over
210 countries. Previously, Magenta Max subscribers could expect speeds
around 256kbps in most countries. Now, they’ll get “the highest speed
data available, including 5G,” according to T-Mobile’s announcement
video. Obviously, this is describing the best-case scenario; your
speeds will depend on the coverage wherever you’re visiting.

Regular Magenta customers are getting that same deal, but it’s limited
to 11 European countries: Austria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany,
Greece, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia.
In the approximately 199 other countries, Magenta customers and most
other T-Mobile subscribers can expect to get around 256kbps speeds.
That is, however, an upgrade. Before now, non-Max customers were
getting around half that when traveling internationally.

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This is great for T-Mobile users, but T-Mobile is too expensive for me for my regular cell phone needs. I'm still paying only about $15/month for my monthly cell phone service (with Tello, previously used Mint Mobile - both use the T-Mobile network), so switching to T-mobile just to get "free international roaming" would cost me several hundred dollars a year. Google Fi would make more sense for me than T-Mobile, but even that would cost me more than I need to spend. If I traveled overseas monthly, then one of these plans would make more sense.

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I’ve had TMobile for many years and have been very happy with it. This is good news, thanks for posting it and the follow up posters good info.