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Suggestions for SIM card company

Asking for suggestions on company to get a SIM card that will work throughout the world, including US. We have been using CelloMobile in the past, but found that our SIM cards kept expiring because we were not using it enough or they did not record our use and cancelled our account due to no usage within 12 months. We decided to no longer use them. Also, don't really want to get a SIM card in every country we visit. Need to have SIM card prior to leaving US, rather than pick up in Europe. Thanks.

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The companies most often mentioned as being affordable are Google Fi (which doesn't work with all cell phones but will likely be cheaper if you don't use a lot of data) and T-Mobile. There may be other decent options as well. I'm not sure that Fi and T-Mobile work in 100% of the countries around the world.

Take a look at this current thread:

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Thanks. However, we are actually looking for a SIM company that we would only use when we travel overseas. We just need something to use in case of emergencies, to call one another, and call home if needed. We have our own cell plans for everyday use at home. CelloMobile worked ok for awhile, but we were not happy with constantly having the SIM expire because we did not use it at least once every 6-12 months. We go overseas only once a year.

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they all will have that problem... They will all expire if not used, and some will expire if not topped-up.

If you want a sim to stay in the drawer until you decide to go - I don't know of any in the majors.

Have you looked at the conditions of Labara?

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Or you put a reminder on your calendar to insert SIM, send one text, put SIM back in drawer. Vodafone works across Europe, was available on eBay.

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Simoptions dot com sells country-specific sims, mailed to you before departure. The markup is pretty crazy compared to buying them in-country, but that's a high percentage, not a high dollar difference. (ie: a 20€ sim package for $35).

Sounds like it might suit your needs.