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storing travel information electronically

I usually print out everything to take on a trip. For a month in Italy that is going to be a wad of paper. Any ideas or suggestions. I will have a smart phone with a travel plan that usually works well for me with wifi and a kindle. And I do love maps as well.

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There is an Apple app called "Passbook" into which one can scan plane tickets and the like. Check it out to see if it meets your needs.

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I always save my confirmation emails to a folder for that trip and keep a copy on line as well as on my phone - then I don't need paper. I also put everything into my calendar app which is online & syncs with my phone for hotels I put dates, addresses, phone #'s and confirmation #'s.

There is also a travel app called Tripomatic in which you plan each day's activities, hotels and it maps a route in the city to get around to each site which is available offline. Apple, Android, Crackberry, & Kindle.

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If you just take screen shots of whatever you consider important it eliminates the need to move data around, dorking with wifi, etc.

Getting fancier, Dropbox works pretty well and eliminates the folder and synching business.

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I keep copies of all my travel documents on Dropbox. The information is accessible from all my devices -- my phone, my iPad, and my computer.

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I have non-sensitive info on my tablet and phone. Sensitive things (that I would only require in an emergency like scanned passport, credit card info etc.) are stored on an encrypted hard drive and sent to myself in a secure e-mail. That pretty much covers the bases for documents. I like travel guides on the tablet, but not I usually buy a guide for general info (and very simple maps) and either buy a map or hit tourist info or my hotel for a paper map of an area. So pretty simple on the paper front too.

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I use an app called TripIt. It automatically adds your confirmations for ticket purchases and hotel bookings, and you can add other steps in your itinerary manually. It adds Google maps to each step as well. During my trip I referred to it a lot, but never needed to produce the info for anyone else. I believe the website allows you to print your itinerary if you want, too. Very helpful!

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Pick you poison.

Im doing some testing on my trip this sept. I got a file manager app to add "file folders" on my smartphone desktop. That app will also create "shortcuts" and i also create PDFs of all of the files too. The originals are in my gmail account so if my smartphone gets lost/stolen, i can still retrieve them using a PC.

Ive also downloaded a couple offline map apps and will also try them this sept. Everythign has +/- and the only way you can determine if it will work for you is to download and try.

as mentioned you can try Tripit. I havent downloaded it but I've used it on my PC just to see how it works and what features i like or dont. at this time, the version that is available isn't to my liking and lacks some things that i would use.

happy trails

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I'm going with Trip it. I transferred everything from my confirmation emails and it was EASY and then it popped up on my phone. Thank you all for taking the time to help.